Farm and Garden Equipment for Sale in Dade City, FL

I usually have eggs or chicks of these following rare breed poultry. Silver laced bantam Barnevelder hatching eggs 6+ $45, chicks $15 each Blue double laced large fowl Barnevleder hatching eggs 12 for $30, chicks $9 Cream Brabanter $15 chicks, hatching eggs $30 for 10 Bearded silkie chicks $8-10 limited Blue isbar chicks $15 hatching eggs 12 for $30 Pavlovskaya chicks $20, 10 hatching eggs $50...
Indo Ayam Cemani,Svart Hona, Cream Brabanter, silver laced bantam and blue laced Barnevelder, RC Nankin, Pavlovskaya, Deathlayer, Isbar, Araucana,Bearded Silkie hatching eggs and chicks. Please, contact for price and availability.
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